“In spite of everything I loved you, and will go on loving you—on my knees, with my shoulders drawn back, showing my heels to the headsman and straining my goose neck—even then. And afterwards—perhaps most of all afterwards—I shall love you, and one day we shall have a real, all-embracing explanation, and then perhaps we shall somehow fit together, you and I, and turn ourselves in such a way that we form one pattern, and solve the puzzle: draw a line from point A to point B…without looking, or, without lifting the pencil…or in some other way…we shall connect the points, draw the line, and you and I shall form that unique design for which I yearn.”



July 8, 2009


Nadav Kander is a talented man.  The wonders of the internet and its endless pools of inspiration. I’ve picked some of my favourites and shared them under the cut.

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May 21, 2009


Boogie is a Serbian Photographer. Born and raised in Belgrade, he started documenting rebellion and unrest during the civil war that ravaged his country during the 1990’s. He is now based in Brooklyn, New York. His website contains photographs from around the world. We wrote a feature on this guy on Style43 a while ago but I’m digging it out the woodwork again, Boogie is for sure one of my favourite ever photographers. Inspirational. http://www.artcoup.com/movie.html

New Kicks

May 21, 2009


£25 incuding postage, I love Ebay.

I also really love these but they don’t do them in my size, harsh.

This song is ridiculous. DJ Vadim at his best and Sabira Jade, who I’d never heard of until this year. She has a voice full of soul, its awesome. With Vadim’s skills and the classic Skatalites sample it makes for a perfect summer song. In fact the entire album is dope. Enjoy. x


May 5, 2009


I love his use of reflections, sometimes placing himself subtly in the frame, some shots often looking like double-exposure due to windows or mirrors that layer up the photo. The textures of buildings & cars etc, the depiction of Cuban life.. The people seem ideally placed for each photograph. I have a copy of his book ‘Dosier Habana’ given to me by a friend, I can’t seem to find anything about him online except for his flickr account. There are heaps if you follow that link or I’ve put some of my favourites below. This book is a treasure.

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Japanese shit

May 1, 2009


Yoshimoto Nara is sick. His drawings remind me of those fucking weird little Blythe Dolls. I read today that he got arrested on the East Side Subway in New York for drawing a smiley face on a wall.

Hi Blog

May 1, 2009

I figured I’d give you somewhere to devour my thoughts and opinions. I will show you things I think are cool, sometimes things that are not cool. We’ll see how things play out..